Thursday, July 31, 2008

Just Getting Started (Again)

After much thinking and some good, old fashioned peer pressure, I have decided to try keeping a blog for the third time. Some quick Internet searches will reveal one of my old ones (I long ago forgot the log in name and password).

This blog will be a (hopefully) frequent account of my life for the next year travelling for Phi Delta Theta in the Southeast.

The summer is slowly winding down and I am for the first time really starting to look forward to getting back out on the road. I have finalized my schedule and as of right now it might be the best one yet. I start travel on August 18 when I accompany the new consultants on their training visit to Kettering University in fabulous Flint, Michigan. (I have already begun to search the Internet for a good bullet-proof vest).

A few highlights:
Labor Day (TBD but I have lots of options)
Clemson vs. NC State
Nevada @UNLV (Vegas Baby!)
Ole Miss vs. South Carolina (My first visit to The Grove)
My first actual visit to Texas (Changing airplanes doesn't count)
Scuba Diving in the Florida Keys (Wrecks in Key Largo)
Clemson @ Virginia
Home for Thanksgiving