Thursday, January 22, 2009

Top 10 Bush Moments

Summer in January (okay... well, at least Spring in January)

I woke up Saturday morning in Lexington, VA and it was 5 degrees. yes, you read that right.... 5 degrees. My car really had to struggle to start and I headed off to Charlotte to catch a flight to Miami, FL. I was flying down to Miami to help them with recruitment over the MLK weekend.

The weather was ideal. While the rest of the country was in the grips of a bitter cold front, it was 71 degrees and mostly sunny in Miami. I ate breakfast outside and just seeing the sun. I know fully understand why so many people live in Miami.

Because it was recruitment, there were several other consultants in town and it was great to get away from the chapter and explore some of Miami. This was my third time in Miami but I hadn't explored the city much.

I gave my recruitment presentation and I think it went pretty well (I will have to wait to hear what numbers they get). My flight was scheduled to leave at 8:45 on Monday morning so I packed and spent my downtime watching the NFC and AFC championships. I went to bed and then around 3am my phone started buzzing. I was in and out of it because it was so late but I figured that of the call was important, they would leave a voicemail. 30 seconds after my phone rang it buzzed again signalling that I had a voicemail. I got up and listened to the voicemail.

I heard a robotic voice telling me that my flight in the morning had been cancelled and that I was rescheduled on a flight on Tuesday morning. I was beside myslef at this point. Not only had American Airlines called me at 3am to tell me my morning flight was cancelled but I had another visit to get to on Tuesday and so the new schedule just didn't work for me. I called American's customer service line and got a woman on the phone to see if there was a different schedule. She said that evry flight on Monday going from Miami to Charlotte was booked except for one. It left Miami at 8am and went through Dallas. I got the last seat on both flights and then tried to get to sleep.

Bright and early the next morning I was at the airport, ready to fly halfway across the country just to fly back east. Here is what my route looked like:

The red line represents my orginally scheduled flight. It was non-stop and was about and hour and forty-five minutes. The blue represents my rescheduled flight. It was 3.5 hours to Dallas, then an hour layover and then 2.5 hours to Charlotte. I was exhausted but finally made it to Charlotte and then drove home to spend the night.

But wait.... it gets better. The whole visit my cheek felt like it was a little swollen but it didn't look too swollen so I didn't think it was a big deal. The morning I got up for my flight, I walked into the bathroom and looked in the mirror and my left cheek had a bulge. I had my wisdom teeth out a few weeks ago and so I figured that one of the sites was just acting up. When I got home and my mom saw it she called the oral surgeon and got me an appointment.

The next day, the oral surgeon took a look at it and confirmed that it was infected and said he would have to open it back up again. I hate dentists and anything that causes pain in my mouth so I was less than enthused to have him cut me open again. I got a couple of shots to numb my gum and then the doctor went to town. He cut my gum open and then stuck some gauze in there so it would bleed and hopefully drain out whatever was stuck in there.

Now I am back travelling with my left cheek all puffed up and some gauze stuck in a hole in my mouth. Fun stuff. Getting my wisdom teeth out has been an awful experience overall and I just want it to heal and be done with.

Friday, January 16, 2009

On the Road Again

Last semester on the road. I packed up my car yesterday and headed to Washington and Lee in Lexington, Virginia. When I left Oxford, OH it was 16 degrees and some flurries were falling. Today in Lexington the sun was out all day but it never got above freezing. Brrr.

the chapter put me up in a hotel and when I checked in and walked into the bathroom I saw this.
I don't understand the significance of the rubber ducky but there are also a few of them by the front desk.

In other weird news related to birds, I had a very strange experience today. I was sitting in the living room of the house ebjoying the fire. when the door to the outside opened behind me. I was hit with a strange smell and when I turned around a guy was standing behind me with two Canada Geese he had shot. He had been out hinting today and came back over to the house after he shot the geese. Everyone checked out the geese (apparently the guys here are big hunters). He left them outside and then we sat down to eat dinner. Kind of strange.