Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Text From Last Night

It is standard practice here to for a cashier to ask for you to write down your phone number on any receipt that you sign. I have always found this odd and do my best to try to avoid it or just write down a random number. There have even been a few times when I got calls from the cashiers that had nothing to do with my purchase.

The other day, I went to the bank to check on my account. I had to show my passport and then I signed a receipt. The teller handed me back the receipt and told me to write my phone number down. I wrote it down, slid it back to her, and then left the bank.

That afternoon as I was walking from my house, I got a text. Here it is exactly as it was written:

"Hi Dan am kay- the lady who attended u @ de bank 2dy. I wntd 2 jst let u knw dat i admird u...."

I had a good laugh and just ignored it. I guess its always flattering to get a compliment (of sorts) but then I thought about it a little longer. This was an abuse of her position at the bank and of my privacy. She got my name and my phone number from a bank transaction and then texted me when she got off from work. If this happened at a bank in the US, I imagine the teller would be fired or at least reprimanded.

As a male, I have it a little easier and don't get nearly as much unwanted attention but it still is strange.