Monday, October 10, 2011

The Desert Blooms

 I never thought I would ever miss rain, but I really do. Winter is the dry season here in Botswana and it last rained sometime in March or April. It was so long ago I really cant remember. Then last weekend, a storm rolled in. I could see the massive thunder clouds as they blew in, but I figured that they would just blow on by.

As I went to bed, I could hear the first rumblings of thunder and I opened my windows so I could hear them better. The flashes of lighting lit up the room and the thunder rumbled throughout the house. I was enjoying the thunder and lightening and then it actually started raining. The first rain storm in 6 months. I was tempted to run outside and dance in the rain. I particularly enjoyed smelling the wet earth after the rain.

After the brief rainstorm, the desert came to life. Gone are the barren tree branches and various shades of brown. Every plant in the whole city seems to be exploding in color. It makes my walk home a lot more scenic.