Monday, September 22, 2008

I'm Hoping This Doesn't Keep Me From Voting

Today, among other things, I wanted to make sure I registered to get an absentee ballot for the November 4th election. I do a quick google search and find the Washoe County voter page. I registered to vote in Las Vegas when I moved to Nevada and then changed my address to Reno so I wouldn't have to vote through absentee ballot. If it sounds complicated now, just wait.

So I see a number and call to see how I can get an absentee ballot. A woman answers the phone and this is how I remember our conversation going:

Her: Hello, Washoe County Register of Voters

Me: Hi, I looking for information about getting an absentee ballot.

Her: Do you currently live in Nevada?

Me: Uh, I am registered to vote in Nevada and am currently in Ohio.

Her: Do you live in Nevada?

Me: Yes, but I am out of the state for the next few months and would still like to vote.

Her: What is your address in Nevada?

Me: (Silence... and then I semi panic. Oh crap... I think I'm registered at my fraternity house and now I have my mom's address, the address here in Oxford, and my dad's address all running through my head.) Um... hold on a second. I use several different addresses.

Her: (in a condescending tone...) You mean you don't know your address?

Me: Well, I am in Ohio and have that address stuck in my head. Oh ok I remember... (I gave it to her)

Her: OK, what is your physical address? Where do you lay your head at night?

Me: (In my head...Okay, first of all where I lay my head is none of your business and second, I just gave it to you). Umm...Its the one I just gave you.

Her: But you aren't there anymore?

Me: No, I will be out of the state until after the election. (and in my head... No, I am not in the state, that is exactly why I need an absentee ballot)

Her: Okay well to download the form simpy go to our website.

Me: Okay, thank you.

And then I hung up. Did I really just have the whole drawn out conversation for her to just tell me to go to their website? Why were her questions so necessary?

So then in my infinite wisdom decided that I would not only register for an absentee ballot but also do a change of address request via fax. They are probably going to freak out at the Voter's office and not let me vote. We shall see.