Sunday, April 5, 2009

I will never cease to be amazed by people's ignorance

Yesterday I was in Jacksonville and had nothing to do so I went to go see a movie. There really aren't too many on right now, but I finally decided upon the movie "Adventureland."

The movie was quite average but it was the people in the theater with me that make the story.

I went to go see a 9:55 showing and I had settled in to my seat when a family walked in sometime around 9:50. I normally do not pay too much attention to people in the theater but Then this family walked in. There were the parents and then 5 children ranging in ages from late teens to probably 5 or 6. My first thought was that it was really late to have a young child out and then I also thought how innapropriate it was to have this kid up late at night and in an R-rated movie.

So far these parents had two strikes against them and I just put them among the ranks of bad parents I see every time I go to Wal-Mart. (I could easily write a post about bad parenting at Wal-Mart.... maybe that will be upcoming).

The commercials and previews started and this family would no shut up. The mom and dad were about five seats apart from each other and kept making comments back and forth to each other. They had a comment about EVERY commercial. When A coke commercial came up the dad kept commenting about the hidden coke bottle shapes. He would point and then say, "See honey... do you see the coke bottles!?" I held back the desire to yell at them to shut up.

Then this commercial came on. I think its a dumb ad campaign and never pay attention until tonight. Fast forward to video to around the 1:20 mark and then watch.

Right as the part in the commercial happens when the little boy accidentally kicks the ball out in front of the Humvee, the dad suddenly leans forward and in a raised voice says, "Shoot him! Shoot him before he grows up to be a terrorist!"

I almost lost it right then. Are there really people who think like this in our country? Apparently, yes.

This guy sat there with his young children and was yelling at the soldier in the ad to shoot a boy not much older then this guy's. Unblievable.

I really was just simply speechless for the next 20 minutes. It is events like this that really make me lose some of my faith in humanity.