Friday, September 3, 2010

We Are A Lot More Alike Than We Are Different

I have a spare bedroom in my apartment (I know... roughing it in the Peace Corps). It felt really empty with nothing in it and I wanted to use it for something. I shopped around for some foam mattresses so visitors would have a place to stay, but the ones at the stores were more money than I wanted to spend so I put the plans on hold.

Then a few days later, I was walking around my organization's plot and noticed a small shed out back. I looked inside and it was filled with excess furniture.

I got the key and explored what was inside. On the back wall were 20 foam mattresses still in plastic. I could hardly believe my luck. I rushed back to the office to talk to the finance officer to see if the mattresses were going to be used for anything. He told me they were extra, and then I asked if I could use a few for my house.

He called a man in the office to help me pull some furniture and the mattresses out. I got a few basic things for my house and then pointed to the mattresses.

"I think I need about 8 of them," I said.

"Eight? This is too many." he said, "You will have to go ask for permission."

I go back inside to see the finance officer and tell him I will need more than just 2 of the mattresses.

"How many will you need?" he asked.

"Umm.... maybe eight?" I replied.

"Ah! Eight! What are you going to do, build a fort?"

I couldn't do anything but laugh (but I did get my mattresses).