Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lending a Helping Hand

I often go to another volunteer's project in Francistown to help out. It is called Mother Theresa Resource Center and it offers after school programs for the kids in the area. Typically on Saturdays, the Rotary Club comes out to do a feeding program and I often go to help out and play with the kids. It is often the highlight of my week. On a recent Saturday, a few other volunteers pitched in to help with a work day. We put in some tires to keep people from driving on the soccer field, cleared out an area for a new basketball court, prepared garden plots, and set up a compost bin.

Digging holes to put the tires in.

Then filling the holes back in with the tires.

The kids really got into it and wanted to help.

More helping.

We kind of made a straight line.

The garden plots

From here, I hope we can get the garden plots going and teach a few people in the community how to tend them and have gardens of their own. I am working with the other volunteer to line up some funding and supplies and hopefully we will have the garden going by January.

We might even have the kids paint the tires as an art project.