Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Favorite Picture I Have Taken (So Far)

This little guy's name is Zhu Zhu (I'm guessing at the spelling). He babbles constantly in Setswana and always has a huge smile on his face. He will run over to me whenever he sees me and asks to be picked up.

The other day, he wanted to try on my backpack. I put it on him and we both laughed. It almost touched the ground.

No sooner had I turned around that he had opened the zipper and was rooting around inside.

I yelled over at him jokingly, "Legodu!" (Thief!)

My voice startled him and he jumped and quickly stood up. Once he saw me he laughed and said, "Ga ke legodu." (I am not a thief.)

He then reached down into my bag, pulled out a packet of tissues, and asked, "Ke eng?" (What is this?)

I have no clue what the word for tissue is in Setswana so I just told him the word in English. I pulled one out to show him what that were used for and he was amazed.

One of the best parts of being here is getting to interact with the kids and Zhu Zhu is by far my favorite.