Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Year 1: By The Numbers

Peace Corps

Days since I arrived in Botswana: 365

Number of Days left in Botswana: 425

Total Volunteers that arrived in my group: 57

Volunteers who are still here a year later: 50

Number of Country Directors: 3 (1 official, 2 interim)

Distance in km to nearest volunteer: 1

Botswana Pula per American Dollar: 6.45

My monthly living allowance: 1,800 Pula


Number of pictures taken: 1,400

Number of books read: 52

Number of movies watched: 103

Number of movies watched in a theater: 1

Number of electronic devices destroyed: 5


NFL games watched: 2

MLB games watched: 0

Soccer games watched: 20

Cricket games watched: 4

Times watching cricket where I understood what was going on: 0

Golf rounds played: 1

Times I have been swimming: 3

Times I have been fishing: 3

Number of fish caught: 1

From Home:

Number of packages received: 21

Number of visitors from home: 3

Living Arrangements:

Number of locations lived: 2

Number of people in Francistown: 100,000

Number of people in F/town that know my name: 50

Number of bucket baths taken: 75

Number of showers per week: 7

Longest power outage: 18 hours

Longest water outage: 14 hours

Number of weddings attended: 0

Number of funerals attended: 0


Number of mosquito bites: 15

Major illnesses: 0

Visits to the doctor: 0

Immunizations and boosters received: ~25

Times I have cut my hair: 3

Times I shave per week: 1

Weight (in pounds) when I arrived in Botswana: 200

Lowest weight (in pounds) in country: 180

Weight (in pounds) today: 190

Hours I sleep at night: ~9

Food and Drink:

Number of animals seen butchered: 5

Number of meals per week eaten with rice: 4

Number of meals eaten per week with meat: 1

Number of eggs I eat per week: 12

Times I make pizza per week: 1

Liters of water I drink per day: 3-4

Cost of filet mignon per pound: $3.50

Cost of ground beef per pound: $2.90

Cost of a beer from a store: $1.00

Cost of a beer in a bar: $1.50 to $3.00

Cost of lunch from a food vendor: $2.00


Hours spent traveling in buses: ~100

Hours where I was comfortable on a bus: 2

Average time in hours of a bus to Gaborone: 6

Number of countries visited: 3 (Botswana, Zambia, and Zimbabwe)

Number of currencies Used: 4 (US Dollars, Botswana Pula, SA Rand, and Zambian Kwatcha)

UNESCO World Heritage Sites visited: 1 (Victoria Falls)


Percentage of days with sunshine: ~95

Percentage of days above 85 degrees F: ~75

Nights where it fell below freezing: 6

Days with rain: ~25


Hours spent working on budgets: ~500

Hours spent in meetings: ~150

Presentations given: 1


Times I have been asked for money: ~1,256

Times someone has asked me to take them back to America: ~30

Times I have been asked if I know a movie star / famous person: ~487

Times I have been asked if I want a Motswana wife: ~15

Times I have seen women breastfeed in public: ~20

Times I have seen people urinating in public: ~300

Blog Page Views: 8,160

Blog Posts Written: 80

Number of texts received: 4,202

Number of texts sent: 3,176

Miles walked in average in a week: 10

Distance in km to the nearest border (Zimbabwe): 50

Number of times I have seen President Obama’s likeness on a t-shirt, belt buckle, or bag: ~25