Thursday, June 25, 2009

Amsterdam is Very Over Rated

Amsterdam is pretty upon first sight. It is colorful and there are canals everywhere. It is also the bike capital of the world. There were parking structures just for bikes. No kidding. It was unreal. Check out the picture below. It is a 3 story parking garage for bikes.
Both Ryan and I were quite unimpressed with Amsterdam. There simply was nothing to do. Everything is legal in Amsterdam. It makes Nevada seem conservative and that is saying A LOT. It was almost too much though. Because everything is legal, Amsterdam has become a tourist destination for other Europeans and Americans to come there and do things that are illegal back home. We got real tired of walking through the streets and seeing this. It just wasn't our thing.

One positive note was that we were able to meet up with Ben Dictus here. Ben is another former consultant and is traveling through Europe for two months with his fiancee (You didn't here that from me). It was so nice to meet up with them and hang out for a day. It really was the only redeeming part of the trip.

Don't go to Amsterdam. It is way over rated and nothing but a big tourist trap. Spend your time in Germany or Paris.