Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Calamari Open

This past Monday I played in a golf tournament called the Calamari Open. The tournament is organized by an archetect in Truckee, California and around 50 people participate. The tournament is strictly for fun and I was easily the youngest person there.

We played at a brand new course in Truckee called Timilick ( It was absolutely beautiful. Truckee is only a few miles away from Lake Tahoe and so the course is set among towering pine trees and there were some good views of the mountains. (

The Calamari Open dates back a couple of decades and was started by a few friends who wanted to have their own golf tournament and have a good time. In the early days, the guys would pile into an RV and head up into the mountains to a course. There of course was a lot of drinking to along with the golf. One year, the group stopped at a restaraunt on the way up. After everyone had their fill, they piled back into the RV and continued up the winding mountain roads. One of the guys began to get car sick and proceded to throw up the calamari he had just eaten all over the back of the RV. Thus, the Calamari Open was born.
I had played on Sunday as well and shot some of the worst golf in my life. I had a 60 on the front nine before we had to quit due to thunderstorms. I did not have high expectations for the Calamari Open. The format of the tournament was a 4 person scramble with one player keeping their own score for each hole. We only had three in our group, so one person would play the hole normally while the other two played best ball.
I really enjoy tournament golf and had a blast. For the six holes I was responsible for playing, I was only 1 over par and had 2 birdies. It is a performance I will not repeat for a while.