Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Fog of Travel

So a quick update on last night... I really cannot think of a time when I was more frustrated. Around 1:00am I discovered that despite the fact I had checked in anc paid for a room, I actually was not staying in a room at all. Ryan was beside himself in anger and at one point just walked away to another room. The guy at the front desk was named Cesar and might have been from Spain or some other South American country. He was basically incompitent.

I finally got Cesar to agree to release a room to me at 2:00 am provided the guy did not check in before that. I sat and watched TV and tried not to get real mad. 2:00am came around and I went to the front desk, relieved to get my bed finally. Turns out that Cesar was still not comfortable with giving me my room despite his deal an hour earlier. It took everything I had left at that point not to reach across the counter and hit this gut in the face. There was not a single bed open in any hostel within miles and all this guy can offer me is my money back to let me crash on the couch in the recption area?

He decided to check all the flights arriving from Italy and then finally decided to call the guy about his reservation. Turns out the guy didn't need the reservation at all. It was 2:30am and I finally had a bed. I got a room key for 207 and went up there.

I swiped the key and was instantly hit by a fog of body odor and the smell of sweaty guys. It was overpowering and I almost gagged anf fainted at the same time. I pressed on and hopped in the open bed and quickly passed out.

I sure hope this this is not a trend with our hostel stays.