Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Prague Will Spoil You

Prague is cheap. Ridiculously cheap. (And on top of this, it really is a beautiful city. They avoided both World Wars and so all their buildings are still intact). This has either been a nice break for our wallets or it has made everything else we do seem very expensive. Im beginning to think it is the latter of those two.

How cheap is Prague? The exchange rate is about 20 Korunas for $1. (And it was the only country where I didn't cry when I exchanged my money). While this does sound quite cheap, lets put that into some perspective. Beers at a neighborhood pub go for 20 Korunas and beers can be had in the grocery store for as cheap as 7 Korunas (yes, that is 35 American cents). Also, the beers here pretty much only come in half liters.

Since we were feeling newly rich, we went out for a traditional Czech meal. We walked into the restaurant and got a table. The waiter appeared and immeadiately handed us English menus. While this was great, it was also a bit of a letdown. Ryan and I have tried so hard to not stick out as Americans but something about us that day must have screamed dumb tourist.

We ordered the roast duck and dumplings. The woman at the desk in the hostel told us this was a very traditional dish. They brought out the meal in a pot and the portions were unbelievable. We couldn't finish it all. All told the meal (including appetizers and beers) came out to $15 American per person. To say we were happy is a major understatement.

Also, when all was said and done, our hostel came out to something like $50 per person for three days. It was not only the cheapest place we have stayed, but it was also the best.

Everything from here on out is going to seem quite expensive. Maybe we will just go back to Prague.